Butchery and Culinary services

Pig roasts or bacon, a butcher with a professional cooking background can do it all.  Below, please find the more commonly requested services of a freelance butcher.  For inquiries about custom work, or to set up a consultation, please email Kristina at hello@butchery101.com

"A party without cake is just a meeting." -Julia Child


Preach it sister!

Make any event special with a beautiful meal or yummy snacks.

Kristina loves the challenge of creating a ridiculously fabulous meal in unorthodox situations, especially the outdoors. Whether it's a Thai-inspired whole pig roast for 100 guests on an Orcas Island beach, or duck rillettes tartines with marmalade at Lake 22 (just outside Granite Falls), the food can always be wonderful whatever the setting.

Shoot an email over to hello@butchery101.com to get that party started!



Custom Butchery

Butchery, processing and packaging services available for farmers, homesteaders, or home consumers who find themselves with a whole animal to fit in the freezer. Kristina's processing methods (curing, charcuterie, lunch meat, etc.) are informed by her years of professional cooking in excellent kitchens around Seattle. You can be sure the meat you take home will be delicious, meet professional food safety standards, and do justice to the animal's sacrifice.

Please ensure for your animals: a humane slaughter, thorough evisceration, and for pigs, a good scald & scrape.

For pricing and availability, please email Kristina at hello@butchery101.com.


Watch a whole (or half) pig break down, start to finish. See where all your favorite and new favorite cuts come from. Always features a local, well-raised animal.

past farms include Bittersweet farms, hidden river and scabland.

If you are a farmer with excellent environmental and husbandry standards, and would like your pigs featured in this type of class, please email me at hello@butchery101.com

regular classes available via the event page.

Book a private class for you and your friends! Team building with coworkers, educating your kitchen and restaurant staff, or any group who would like to know more about the wonderful meat that is


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