Scabland Farms visit photographed by  Emma Elise Hodges

Scabland Farms visit photographed by Emma Elise Hodges

meat shares

Small farms are doing some really great work raising livestock. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re fortunate to have quite a few excellent farmers providing beautiful food for our region.

One of the most efficient and direct ways to support them is to buy meat shares, in either whole or half animals. This saves farmers a bunch of time and labor coordinating the cutting, processing, wrapping and sales of individual cuts, running to multiple markets each week. Goodness knows they are busy enough as it is raising the animals right!

Purchasing a meat share will stock your fridge and freezer with wonderful local meat, thoughtfully cut and wrapped for your household’s specific needs.

We also offer charcuterie and other ready-to-eat products, made from your meat share. This helps utilize all the offal made available by buying a whole or half animal. Headcheese, pate, sausage, lard biscuits - we can take any of the bits you’re not comfortable cooking and gently coax them into something perfectly delicious for your kitchen. We’ll even make stock from the bones!

Also available: specialty holiday cuts and roasts. Steamship hams, porchettas, and more, ready to roast up for your guests.

The process starts with a consultation during which we’ll discuss your meat eating needs. That may include details like household size, dietary restrictions and preferences, cooking style, and upcoming special events.

Order yours today!