and Basic Info for Classes:  

Payments for classes are non-refundable. If you find yourself unable to attend, you may transfer the ticket to someone else. However we are unable to refund fees and all payments are final.

How much meat will I take home?
The quantity of meat per student ranges between 5-10 lbs, depending on the final weight of the animal and class attendance.

Can I choose what cuts I get to take home? 
No.  During the class we'll cover the best uses for each cut; you'll also take home a recipe booklet to help you make something delicious and nourishing out of anything you may come across.  Practice using the entire animal by learning how to cook and eat any part!              

Is there a hands-on portion? 
No, there will be little to no hands-on practice for the students. In my experience repetition is the surest route to gaining hand skills.  Unfortunately we won't have enough time or product for everyone to get any significant practice.  This does, however, free you up to absorb, analyze what you see and hear, and focus on interacting with me as your instructor, and your fellow students.  These classes tend to assemble a good mix of butchery, cooking and meat knowledge, and it's a treat to get to know everybody!

If you are genuinely interested in getting your hands on some meat, talk to me about it during or after class.  I'll try to connect you with some places that could use a few hands from time to time. 

What are the differences between the classes?  
Butchery 101 and 102 are the same basic whole pig introductory class with lunch.
Butchery 103 is a more advanced butchery class.  Take this one if you have previous butchery experience, like having taken classes like 101 and 102 before, or just YouTubing a whole bunch.  If you already know the basics (like splitting between the 5th and 6th ribs, using gravity) this class is for you.  We'll start with quarters, and Ill show you the more intricate and detailed cuts.  Professional cooks and chefs would benefit from this class.  

Please don't hesitate to email me with any other questions or concerns.  Thanks very much!