About Butchery 101

The freelance butchery service known as Butchery 101 was founded by Kristina Glinoga in 2016 when she taught a whole pig butchery class in Pike Place Market.

Before that, Kristina had cooked in many of the finest Seattle-area restaurants (Cascina Spinasse, Volunteer Park Cafe, Canlis) and graduated from Seattle Culinary Academy in 2013. Her interest in whole animal butchery started early though, and she began practicing the craft in restaurants that had pig butchery programs (Matt’s in the Market, Radiator Whiskey).

Outside of Butchery 101 she currently butchers whole sides of locally grown, grass-finished beef at Restaurant Bateau.

She believes that the popularity of low quality industrial food is mostly due to its convenience, and she is therefore committed to providing more accessible avenues to good, local, well-raised food for her clients.